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Planet – preservation of our environment

Moens Mouldings DS Plastics upholds an active environment- and climate policy. All waste flows are separated, collected and recycled wherever possible. Thanks, in part, to technological progress, it is still possible to further relieve the burden on the environment and to save on energy costs.

To Moens Mouldings DS Plastics, the CO2-footprint is another excellent instrument. Having insight into your CO2 footprint, you can set concrete goals with regards to CO2 reduction and the further reduction of the footprint. Many synthetic products already have a favourable CO2 footprint – they protect (food) products during the logistics process and extend their shelf life. Efficient packaging helps relieve the strain on the environment.

But there is always room for improvement. We are constantly trying to reduce the size of our CO2-footprint. This has led to improvements amongst various components within the Moens Mouldings Group.

This is what our relative CO2-footprint looks like


Raw materials

We are continuously striving towards creating thinner packaging products in order to decrease the amounts of raw materials needed to produce them. In addition, the packaging becomes lighter, meaning that transport- and fuel costs are reduced due to lesser volume and/or mass.


We are constantly learning more about saving on raw materials, partly thanks to the daily efforts of our R & D department. Preserving the environment and saving on costs go hand in hand. Our customers also profit from this.

energiebesparing_door_isolatieBy placing covers on screws, we save energy. How simple can it be?

kennis_vergrotenBy training our colleagues well (including internal training), they do not only build up knowledge – we also make them aware of their opportunities to preserve the environment. For instance, they can set the machines in such a way that they run in the most energy-efficient way possible.


luchtlekkage_opsporenWhen new (injection moulding) machines, compressors and forklifts are acquired, their energy usage and, thus, their effect on the environment are taken into account.

• detect air leaks




Transport, This will save space


Do you know the expression ‘to fit like a glove’? It means that two things fit perfectly together. And if you want to know where the expression comes from, look no further than our new packaging for coffee spoons and snack forks so that they fit snugly.

They are no longer just tossed into the container, but are automatically stacked. The result: compact packaging in smaller boxes – therefore, more environmentally friendly. More boxes fit onto a pallet, meaning that your freight costs are reduced and you need less storage space.


For years, Moens Mouldings DS Plastics has primarily produced products from one single material (monoproduct), for the very reason that these products are easily recyclable.

Through automation and the refining of production processes, Moens Mouldings produces little waste during production. What little waste is produced is ground up and sold – an endless number of other products can be made form the synthetic pellets.

Moens Mouldings DS Plastics invests 5% of its profit in projects that aim to promote recycling and motivate people to clear their own waste (prevent litter).