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Replacement medicine cups 2012


Convenient little cups for a patient’s daily dose of pills or for a dose of antibiotics – the medical world can hardly do without them.

And now there’s a bigger cup with an improved design available at a competitive price.

medicijncup_2011_cIt’s a see-through and pliable 30cl PP cup (CE marking) with coloured or non-coloured graduations. The outside rim at the top ensures that a lid can be securely fixed, if required. This improved cup will shortly replace the current MICA 30ml medicine cup (item 688/657).

Less freight costs, more space This new cup also brings with it another improvement in the shape of its packaging. Of the current cup, 4,000 fitted into one box, and with thirty boxes on one pallet, this came to 120,000 pieces.

However, no fewer than 224,000 of the new bigger cup now fit on a pallet, as 8,000 fit in a box. With twenty-eight boxes per pallet this comes to 224,000 cups. Not only does this mean cutting down on freight costs, it also means saving space in your warehouse!