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Customised packaging

verpakken1a_03_0002Unwrapping in a single movement of the hand

This packaging was recently developed: a box without tape, staples or clamps, and (often uncooperative) perforations.

In their place: two finger holes in the top that provide sufficient grip to enable the contents to be exposed to your customers in a single movement of the hand.

Presentable and informative
The packaging was developed at the request of (and, of course, in close consultation with) one of our retail customers. The aim: to adapt an incoming package in as few moves as possible into a presentable box from which the customer can remove their products. With stickers containing the necessary information - also for the customer: name of the article, barcode, quantity, production code.

verpakken1b_03_0002Do you have a special request?
The production of this innovative design uses less cardboard than a traditional box. This results in less weight and less impact on the environment. The box itself remains intact after opening and sits undamaged on your shelf. We will send you some exemplary, retail-friendly packages on request. You can, of course, contact us directly with your packaging needs. Customised packaging Unwrapping in a single movement of the hand