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Retail Ready packaging

rt_readyverpakking3We have recently put new shrink-wrap machines into operation. Efficient, state-of-the-art machines that bundle several stacks of glasses and wrap them in film. As our customer, you determine yourself how many glasses are sealed in one package.

The retail-ready packaging itself consists of clear film that is up to 350 mm wide and 500 mm long.

rt_readyverpakking1If required, we will label the film in one fluent movement, at a fixed spot on the shrink wrapping, thus saving you work.

The shrink-wrap machines are positioned directly behind the production machines, thus avoiding the need for an extra pair of hands to transfer the glasses from one location to another. Perhaps even more interesting is the fact that we can now use even thinner film. This means less material consumption, lower costs and lower CO2 emissions.