Disposables en Rotables Moens Mouldings DS Plastics

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Retail disposables

You were probably expecting pictures here. But at Moens Mouldings Group we create custom-made goods that make the difference, according to your specific requirements. We cannot catch those in a couple of pictures!

The power of unique retail disposables

Moens Mouldings Groep is a specialist in disposables. Our Research & Development department will gladly advise you. We offer the possibility to alter existing (standard) disposables, or we’ll develop a unique design for your retail or hotel&catering disposables. By creating your own ‘look&feel’ you distinguish yourself from your competitors and it helps you to build your brand.

Design, production and finish of retail disposables – we would like to show you all the possibilities. Special boxes, small packaging, special labels or prints: present your challenge to us and we will make you an appropriate and competitive quote.

Please contact us today for more information or a quote, +31 251 26 25 60.