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sectie MVO

Profit – for sustainable economic development

The P in profit also forms part of the corporate social responsibility principle. Profitability means that we can assure problem-free supply, not only today, but also in the long term. It also means that we can provide a growing number of employees with income. But most of all, it means that we have the financial means to further invest in technological progress, new machines, automation systems/ robots and many more innovative products.

Growing employment opportunities and the financial means to be able to invest in new technology. Devising attractive and clever packaging designs along with clients. Packaging that contributes to the sustainable economic development of our customers … in this way, we all profit.


In what do our customers find our added value?
Our customers find added value in our extensive knowledge of the injection moulding process, knowledge which is converted into items of consistently high quality. This applies to both our extensive range of disposables and our range of reusable items. 

Along with our in-house R & D department, we are constantly striving towards improvement, innovation and the expansion of our range.


Through our constant striving towards thin-sided packaging, you can save much money (purchase, tax, transport) and help preserve the environment.

We keep an eye on costs. For ourselves, for the environment, and for you. At the Moens Mouldings Group, we always set a sensible price level, making sure that supply, product quality and service are not threatened.