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Edgar Dickinson Plastics with Moens Mouldings Group

dm_fabriekEdgar Dickinson - Plastics Ltd has been a part of the Moens Mouldings group since 1 May 2009. The company, located in the British town of Barkisland (Halifax) produces packaging and disposables. Thin-walled products in the shape of an attractive series of glasses are the company's speciality. The rest of the product portfolio ties in perfectly with activities of Moens Mouldings and Moens Mouldings DS Plastics B.V. The group can serve the British and Irish market more quickly and efficiently via Moens Mouldings-UK, as the company will be named from now on.

With the motto: “Combining quality with the best possible prices”, Dickinson Mouldings has been making plastic mouldings for almost half a century. This doesn’t not only mean injection moulding, but also assembly and printing. The company's own technical department builds and maintains the machinery, quickly and on location.

In addition to orders from customers, Moens Mouldings-UK also has its own product line: drinking cups, glasses and cutlery.

Strict hygiene in each phase of production ensures top quality.
The machinery consists of twelve modern mould-injection machines, with a clamp force that varies from 50 to 220 tons. Most of the machines are now robotised. The customer is therefore assured of an efficient production, which delivers an optimal price-quality ratio. Furthermore, all machines are computer-controlled with interchangeable software. This enables the high quality repetition of every consignment, even when consignments are produced on different machines.