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New shot glass

nieuw-borrelglas-2Shot glasses with a volume of 0,04 liters are quite popular for sampling drinks and drams – or just to drink shots.

But a smaller size is more appropriate in certain situations, which is why we are introducing the 0,02 liters glass. Complete with a calibration mark and a decorative strip at the bottom like its big brother. And, naturally, with the same indestructible quality.

nieuw-borrelglas-1The latest addition to the range will be produced completely automatically, untouched by human hands, which optimises hygienic reliability. Because they can be stacked efficiently, they require little space. You can order them in a standard shrink-wrap package containing 80 or 40 pieces.

But if you want a differentquantity, that is absolutely no problem. Simply order a sleeve to sample the goods.