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Wine glasses renewed

wijnglazen_03b_0002Full-bodied wine glasses

Full-bodied wine is balanced and harmonic. And this full body is also reflected in our new revamped wine glasses, which come in four different sizes - 200, 175, 150 and 100 ml.

Elegant design, decorative pattern, subtle graduation. Developed with input from our very own R&D-department.

Practical advantage
The new range also offers a practical advantage - the clever shape means that more glasses can fit into a box and onto a pallet, thus reducing transport costs.

wijnglazen_03_0002The introduction of this set also marks the end of the existing series. From 2011, article numbers 643, 641, 652, 647 and 650 will no longer be available.

Would you like samples from the new series? Please call or email DS Plastics and we will send them to you.