Disposables en Rotables Moens Mouldings DS Plastics

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Moens Mouldings Group: your partner in synthetics solutions

Product development with effect

The Moens Mouldings Group has existed for around 75 years. Long enough to know where your opportunities are to be found. And long enough to offer your packaging designers and marketing professional refreshing perspectives. It is a question of coming up with creative, yield-improving solutions – for standard as well as made-to-measure products.

Always looking to improve

Our own R & D department plays a vital role in the development of the latest materials and innovative techniques. Six creative geniuses with the necessary technical insight follow the production processes full time and in real time – without you as client having explicitly requested this. What’s more, we are always asking ourselves if it can be done faster, more efficiently. In short – better. Often, this leads to new moulds and automation systems.

Numbers and figures

The Moens Mouldings Group has three injection mould factories. Two in the Netherlands and one in England. A common pride is the binding factor. Pride in our products, our techniques and our knowledge, all of which provide our customers with new, eye-catching packaging products. The group processes 6500 tons of PP, PS, PE, ABS and SAN annually. This is done using 75 injection mould machines (of which three are 2-C machines) with clamp forces varying from 35 to 500 tons. 100 people work at the Moens Mouldings Group, of which 6 work full time in R & D.

The locations

logo-mm Moens Mouldings B.V. (Beverwijk, the Netherlands): develops and produces predominantly consumer-packaging products. The R & D department is also located at this site.


logo-mm Moens Mouldings-UK (Barkisland, England) produces packaging products and disposables. Speciality: a stunning series of thin-rimmed synthetic glasses. kaart-dm

logo-ds Moens Mouldings-DS-Plastics (‘s Heerenberg, the Netherlands) produces and sells a wide range of disposables and rotables. kaart-ds

Significant moments in time

1969 Starting injection mould operations in Zwanenburg
1972 Relocation to Beverwijk
1983 Taking new production premises into use
1986 Producing first 4+4 layer mould for lid
1992 Constructing a brand new factory in Beverwijk
1993 Starting first IML production in the Netherlands
1995 Producing first 4+4 IML layer mould
1995 R & D department established, making automation system development a reality
1996 Designing and building 4+4 layer mould automation system2002 Development third-generation IML automation systems
2003 Acquisition DS-Plastics
2008 Development fourth-generation IML automation systems
2009 Acquisition Edgar Dickinson-Plastics ltd.