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Quality: we like to be hard on ourselves

BV_Cert_ISO_9001BRC-PackagingMoens Mouldings Group products and facilities conform to the very strictest quality- and hygiene requirements. At the same time, they are seamlessly in keeping with the needs and expectations of our customers and end-users. They also comply with the requirements of relevant European legislation.

We strive towards guaranteeing quality and towards the constant improvement of our products through:

- intensive final inspection

Our products only find their way to customers once every batch has been subjected to a strict final inspection and is deemed to be in order. Moens Mouldings DS Plastics B.V. strives towards 100% perfect lots.


- fully automated specification control

Every step - from purchase to dispatch and raw material to end product – is recorded in Moens Mouldings DS Plastics B.V. automated systems. At any place and time, our colleagues have all necessary documents at their disposal, anything from product specifications to control- and evaluation instructions. All processes are monitored and all phases registered.

- well-trained and motivated colleagues

Quality, hygiene and specific expertise – our colleagues know what they’re talking about. And if not, they make sure that they learn – they regularly visit clients to see with their own eyes what is expected of them or how the supplied packaging is used.

- ISO 9001:2008

Moens Mouldings DS Plastics B.V. is ISO 9001:2008 certified.